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SKIF IP Transit is an Internet access service for operators and communications service providers with guaranteed channel bandwidth.

The company's backbone network is based on modern high-performance equipment (Juniper Networks and Huawei Networks).

The interaction is carried out according to the routing protocol BGP v4, and in case the customer does not have its own ranges of IP addresses and autonomous system (AS) – by allocating IP addresses from AS6723 pool.

IP-transit from SKIF provides direct access to the networks of first-tier providers (Tier 1) and powerful content generators, to Ukrainian and foreign traffic exchange points (Internet Exchange).


Last mile


SKIF leases datacomms channels to its customers on the territory of Kyiv and abroad with a wide range of speeds and possibility of redundancy.

Rental of datacomms channels is an opportunity to combine switching equipment between the customer’s facilities. The service is provided on the basis of SKIF own backbone network, built with the use of modern technologies and equipment, which allows the most efficient transferring information of any type between distant objects.

All network elements are monitored around the clock.

Exchange points

We are an active participant in the main Ukrainian traffic exchange points.




SKIF company is a LIR. LIR means Local Internet registry (LIR) – an organization that deals with the distribution of address space to Internet users (service providers and their subscribers) and providing related registration services. Our company, as LIR, is a member of the RIPE NCC, one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) that distribute Internet resources, as well as the related registration and coordination of activities focused on a global support of the Internet.

SKIF LIR is a local Internet registry that provides support for Provider Independent IP of the users in the RIR registry. In our case, this is an organization that mediates between a large number of end users and the RIPE NCC.

Here are some reasons to enter into an agreement with SKIF LIR

The RIPE NCC can disable your IP address block, after which you will have to enter into an agreement with SKIF LIR within 3 months, even if you have an agreement directly with the RIPE NCC ("DA" or "Direct Assignment"). From the start of updating procedure, all independent resources must be accountable by the RIPE NCC and may only be provided subject to available agreement between the End User of resources and the LIR (SKIF LIR). Such terms are set before the new allocated independent resources, as well as the old ones that were allocated before the policy change. Two factors were chosen as criteria for prolonging the use of resources: the existence of a written agreement with the resources owner and the receipt of annual payment from the LIR that serves them. If payment is stopped, then the network is considered unused and it returns to the range of the RIPE free addresses. All owners of addresses left without LIR will be sent letters to the e-mail addresses specified in the RIPE database, with an offer to come up with LIR and sign a contract. Independent resources include: IPv4 and IPv6 IP address blocks allocated directly without the participation of the provider (PI), Internet traffic exchange points between providers (IXP) and anycast addresses. The new prolongation scheme provides for remittance of the fee for each resource separately.

Advantages of entering into an agreement with us on SKIF LIR

We offer the best prices on the market for annual maintenance of an autonomous system or IP network of any size. Our services include maintenance, monitoring and support of PI (Provider Independent) addresses or AS (Autonomous System) systems. Because we are professionals, we can be tasked with resolving any unusual situations and have confidence in a positive outcome.

What do you need to do to transfer your resources to us for service?

If the registration of the network did not take place with us, but you intend to go to us for service, you can do it! There are two options for further action:

Your LIR is not against the network migration: fill out an application on this site and you will receive a contract from us, as well as a sample email to be sent to the RIPE NCC. Upon receipt of your letter, the RIPE NCC should ask all parties (us, you, and your current LIR) whether the parties have any arguments against such a transfer. If consent is obtained, the objects will be transferred to us for maintenance. Next you need to go through the procedure of signing the contract and paying for services.

Your LIR is against the network migration: The issue can be resolved in your favor. First, you need to fill out an application on the site. The second step is to notify your LIR in writing of your unwillingness to renew your contract. For our part, we initiate the procedure of transferring your resources to our LIR for further maintenance. The e-mail address specified in the RIPE database will receive the letter stating that the contract between you and your old LIR is no longer valid and you must choose a new LIR within the next 3 months. Please reply to this email stating that it will be the UA.SKIF. From now on you can sign a contract with us. Your previous LIR has no effective pressure levers on you in the RIPE NCC. So you can feel calm and confident.

You don't remember who registered your networks?

Fill out the application on this site, and we will provide information about your LIR, as well as send a special offer to cooperate with us.

How to sign a SKIF LIR contract with us?

All you need to do is fill out an application on the website and send us the documents (signed agreement between us (SKIF LIR) and you (the owner of independent resources), as well as a scanned copy of the document confirming your registration with government agencies). If you are not a legal entity, we must obtain a scanned copy of your passport. A sample agreement between the SKIF LIR and the owner of the PI block can be viewed HERE.

How can I apply for SKIF LIR service?

To date, you can get both PA and PI IPv6 blocks. To obtain the IP addresses block, you must fill out an application. You will then be contacted by a specialist who will explain in detail the sequence of steps to be taken for further registration.

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For over 20 years our company has been providing the corporate telecommunication services based on fiber-optic communication channels without setting traffic limits.



For over 20 years our company has been providing the corporate telecommunication services based on fiber-optic communication channels without setting traffic limits.

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